A bit of magic, anyone? 

Similar to coaching, Tarot can be used as a tool for transformation and clarity; best approached with curiosity and an openness to whatever it is that you're being invited to experience. 

At its heart, this is really about seeing what will happen when we sit together with the intention of having an expansive conversation, that is grounded in the now.

Important notes on what this IS & what this ISN'T


Card convos with me are not fortune-telling sessions. I'm not predicting your future and will not say "this is going to happen TO YOU" (which can sometimes lead to anxiety, fear and/or resistance when it comes to Tarot). Instead, know that this offering is about grounding into our intuition. Soul work is For You.

Whether you're into magic and moonbeams or not into that at all - this is a confidential container for you to feel heard and held. 

Tarot is great for when you feel like having a different kind of conversation. Sometimes it helps to simply connect with someone outside your immediate circle of people. If you're finding that you're having the same kinds of discussions with the same kinds of people, Tarot might provide a fresh perspective. 

Readings can be up to an hour, can be either face-to-face (in Auckland), or be held virtually. Both of which are impactful.

“I couldn't recommend this experience enough to anyone, even if you've never done anything like this before, Jenna has you feeling safe, welcomed and comfortable.” 

—  S. Low