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Jenna Wee

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I’m a two-time course alumna, Collaborator and Operations Manager @ Play CoLab - a collective of thinkers & doers who are invested in innovative approaches to systemic, organisational and personal transformation. We take a unique approach to explore what it takes to effectively lead, and help individuals develop a deeper sense of meaning and connection to their work, purpose and relationships.

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As a certified Coach, trained under an International Coach Federation (ICF) framework, I partner with those who are looking to get unstuck or are seeking positive growth. Central to this work is exploring questions like, what does it take to effectively lead in our contemporary world? What might you need to let go of to get where you want to go? Contact me if you're interested in tailored, one on one coaching.

I’m into helping people connect with other people (customers, clients, fans, friends), while understanding that there's simply no one-size-fits-all when it comes to digital communication. I specialise in digital strategy, analysis, optimisation, content and campaign design, with ten years’ experience working and leading in marketing roles both agency and client-side. If you have a business that needs some online love, get in touch.

I am particularly interested and invested in engaging with communities and thought leaders on issues surrounding race, ethnicity, identity and representation. This work sees me exploring history, culture, communication, and systems of power with a focus on Asia and New Zealand. I'm currently working towards a GradDipArts specialising in Asian Studies. Listen to the podcast Asian in Aotearoa podcast here.

“Water is soft and yielding but will wear away rigid rock. As a rule, whatever is fluid, will overcome whatever is hard. This is another paradox:

what is soft is strong.

 - LAO TZU -


Born and raised in Aotearoa, I’m what you might call a millennial-slashie, i.e, I am a Malaysian-Chinese/Melanau/Japanese/Pākehā, Collaborator/Coach/Consultant/Student/Podcast Host. 


After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, instead of the typical London OE, I opted for moving to Japan to teach English. Living in Japan and visiting my grandmother's hometown of Hiroshima felt like a coming home of sorts, that also began to shift my concept of 'home', sense of belonging and not-belonging. 


Upon returning to New Zealand, I landed a marketing role at a global record company - a dream job for a regular gig-attending 23-year-old and is where I got a taste of what corporate leadership entailed. Fast-forward through ten years of climbing the career ladder, questions began to surface like, how do I really want to live? What would make my life fascinating, engaging and more meaningful? The result of which had me making the intentional move toward a more multifaceted life that included a transformational group coaching experience, kicking off a learning journey of Te Ao Māori, and becoming a certified leadership coach. 


This evolved into a deeper exploration of ethnic identity, a return to university and the commitment to the practice and philosophy of Tai Chi. Eastern philosophy and martial arts is in my blood and handed down to me through my ancestors - all of which add to the way I work and play.

My background, combined with my experience of and in leadership, has attributed to curiosity and empathy for those wanting to create change for themselves and the world we live in. I'm committed to exploring and serving in a way that is connected - and that champions a new way of being and leading for the next generation in Aotearoa. 

Interested in collaborating or having a conversation? 

Connect with me below or email jenna@jennawee.com. 


which can be romanised as Wee and pronounced as such in Hokkien; a Chinese dialect and one of the main languages spoken on my father’s side of the family. In Mandarin, this is pronounced “Huáng” or “Wong” in the Fuzhou dialect.

黄/Wee stands for the colour yellow - which in Chinese culture is one of the most prestigious colours. It symbolises power, wisdom and virtue. This colour is associated with the element of earth and is also tied to the balance of yin & yang.

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